toxic world release

[New Book] Toxic World Release – We’re Being Bombarded Every Day

Free Chapter From My New Book: Our Toxic World: A Survivor’s Guide CHAPTER 1 We live in a toxic world. There is no way around it. The air we breathe is polluted. Outdoor air is polluted by industrial waste, dirty power plants, cars and trucks, industrial fumes and automotive exhausts. Automotive fumes and industrial waste … Read more

answer to cancer

Curcumin: Nature’s Answer to Cancer

Curcumin: Nature’s Answer to Cancer and Other Inflammatory Diseases by Ajay Goel, Ph.D. Note from Kathleen: I’ve written a great deal about cancer and its relentless spread in our lives. I’ve just published an exceptional book from my friend and renowned Baylor cancer researcher Ajay Goel, Ph.D. There is much wisdom here ad some easy … Read more

excess calcium causes weight gain

Metabolic Failure: How Excess Calcium Causes Weight Gain and More

From The Calcium Lie 2: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know by Dr. Robert Thompson and Kathleen Barnes Are you overweight? Is someone you love overweight? No doubt, your doctor has told you to eat less and exercise more while discreetly adjusting a lab coat to cover a personal paunch. Take a good look. Is your … Read more

thyroid disorder

Iodine, Thyroid Disorders, Obesity and More

The thyroid is the body’s major thermostat and keeping it operating well keeps your metabolism running at the perfect pace. Every single cell in your body depends on the thyroid gland for hormones that instruct it how to function. This tiny butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your throat weighs less than an ounce and … Read more

iodine and your thyroid

Book Excerpt: When Things Go Wrong

from What Doctors Fail to Tell You About Iodine and Your Thyroid By Robert Thompson, M.D. Americans are experiencing a dramatic drop in iodine levels and a corresponding deterioration in our collective health. Between the early 1970s and the early 1990s, we experienced an average drop in iodine levels of 50%. In just 20 years! … Read more