vitamin d and brain health

Vitamin D and Brain Health

This article originally appeared on this website in November of 2014. Chalk up another of the impressive benefits of vitamin D: It can prevent Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Several new studies confirm that people with the lowest vitamin D levels are at dramatically increased risk of dementia. (Alzheimer’s is the most common form of … Read moreVitamin D and Brain Health

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully Through Neuroplasticity and Movement with Ageless Grace

Kate Stockman is an old friend of Kathleen’s who has found some keys to staying young through the Ageless Grace program. This is a guest post from Kate. I turned 60 years young this year, and while 60 is the new 40, I am still recognizing differences in my body and brain, both of which … Read moreAging Gracefully Through Neuroplasticity and Movement with Ageless Grace

Statin Drugs and Memory Loss

Statin drugs and memory loss

Statin drugs are among the most frequently used popular prescription drugs in the world, raking in sales of over $35 billion—that’s right billion—a year. For what? They purport to lower cholesterol and thereby prevent heart attacks. In fact they do lower cholesterol, but the evidence linking statins to heart attack prevention has been called into … Read moreStatin drugs and memory loss

lose our memories

Do We Have to Lose our Memories as We Get Older?

We’ve all had those “moments.” You know the ones I mean: When you walk into a room to get something and can’t remember why you are there or when you’ve lost your car in the parking lot at the mall or you’ve forgotten your best friend’s name when you’re getting ready to introduce him at … Read moreDo We Have to Lose our Memories as We Get Older?

Keep Your Memory Sharp

Nine Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

My regular readers know that my husband and I recently returned from a delightful trip to Spain and France. Among the challenges was dealing with language. My husband speaks a smattering of Spanish and I speak a smattering of French, so basic communication was possible. Actually, I took several years of French in elementary school, … Read moreNine Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Arrest Alzheimers

Arrest Alzheimer’s

<<< Click the book cover to find out more. We were talking about diabetes in the last chapter, and before we entirely leave there, it’s important to know that Alzheimer’s disease has sometimes been called “diabetes of the brain.” Even in the earliest stages of the devastating memory-destroying disease, the brain’s ability to metabolize sugar … Read moreArrest Alzheimer’s

love garlic

Your Heart and Body Love Garlic

There’s no doubt that garlic is one of nature’s healers. There’s more research almost on a weekly basis that shows garlic lower blood pressure as well as prescription drugs, lowers the risk of certain types of cancer and it serves as a potent antimicrobial that is doubly important during cold and flu season. It’s powerful … Read moreYour Heart and Body Love Garlic

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing: A Great Brain Health Strategy

We all want lifelong brain health. There is simple memory decline that my friends and I like to call “senior moments;” then there is a condition called age-related cognitive decline and finally the serious and ultimately fatal impairments like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Knowing that Alzheimer’s runs in the female line of my … Read moreBallroom Dancing: A Great Brain Health Strategy


Alzheimer’s – Are you afraid you’re losing it?

Our American culture pre-programs people to believe that cognitive function declines as we age. There are countless jokes, even television sitcoms that exploit Grandma leaving the car keys in the freezer or Grandpa getting lost on the way home from the grocery or groping for a word or name. While we may chuckle at the … Read moreAlzheimer’s – Are you afraid you’re losing it?

Train Your Brain

Train your brain for long-term gain

Brain training in the latest rage among the over 60 crowd and it’s a good idea for all of us. I’ve always been of the “use it or lose it” school. That means, exercise, a healthy eating plan and yes, mental stimulation. Alzheimer’s runs in my family. My mother and grandmother both died of the … Read moreTrain your brain for long-term gain