The Many Healing Secrets of Lavender

If you could grow just one herb on your windowsill or in your garden, what would it be? Lavender is hands down my personal choice. It offers the biggest health return for my investment of time, energy and real estate in my garden and the essential oil is inexpensive and even enhances the benefits. So … Read moreThe Many Healing Secrets of Lavender

Bee Healthy Gardens

Monsanto-free and bee healthy gardens

It’s gardening time again—and I am so ready for it! I imagine you are, too. My lettuce, spinach and broccoli are in and thriving in the cool spring weather. Since it’s that time of year, I’m giving you a primer on how to have a healthy, non-GMO garden free of the seed patents that Monsanto … Read moreMonsanto-free and bee healthy gardens

How to Identify GMO Frankenfoods

by Kathleen Barnes Laws requiring GMO labeling of foods that contain the are on the ballot in next week’s election in Washington state. It’s unclear how much its chances of passes since food companies have contributed more than $20 million toward its defeat. Whatever happens in Washington state, most states do not require GMO labeling, … Read moreHow to Identify GMO Frankenfoods