Would a television fast improve your health?

It’s winter, it’s rainy, snowy, cold and pretty dreary. Who really feels like going outside? What better time to immerse yourself in a new television series, a good movie, or endless and mindless repeats of the news? There’s lots of good research that confirms that the more hours you spend in front of a television, … Read moreWould a television fast improve your health?

new year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Bah Humbug!

Happy 2018! Here’s my “bah humbug” beginning to the new year and my take on New Year’s resolutions that are most often broken before the champagne bottles are carried to recycling (you do recycle, don’t you?). I think New Year’s resolutions are a source of stress and most often set you up for failure. If … Read moreNew Year’s Resolutions – Bah Humbug!

electronic decluttering

Electronic Decluttering – Reducing Junk E-mail and Unnecessary Screen Time

I got a tremendous response to my post about de-cluttering last week, so I thought I’d continue this week. How many e-mails do you get a day? How much time to you spend online other than for actual work? I’m sure you are getting an inkling about where I’m going with this: Online time clutters … Read moreElectronic Decluttering – Reducing Junk E-mail and Unnecessary Screen Time

Decluttering Simplified

How To Simplify Your Annual Decluttering

A couple of times a year, I go on a de-cluttering rampage. This time it is even more serious than ever. Too much “stuff” equals too much stress. I firmly believe we are energetically connected to our stuff and having too much stuff is exhausting. Here’s the reasoning behind this year’s rampage: In the past … Read moreHow To Simplify Your Annual Decluttering


Yoga – Is It More Than You Thought?

I have been a devotee of yoga since I was in my 20s and I had a 70-year old yoga teacher named Becky Love. I became a certified Kripalu yoga teacher since the mid-1970s and have kept hand and foot into the practice and infrequently teach yoga since then. My regular readers know that I … Read moreYoga – Is It More Than You Thought?

Natural Energy Boosters

Natural Energy Boosters

This is based on one of Kathleen’s articles published in Natural Awakenings magazine.  Most of us complain of lack of energy on occasion and some of us experience it on a daily basis. The good news: There are natural ways to boost your energy without resorting to endless cups of coffee. Low energy can have … Read moreNatural Energy Boosters


Tea – Massive Health Benefits in the Bag!

Do you only drink coffee or the same kind of tea all the time? A bit of variety can give you a bunch of added health benefits… It’s calorie-free, soothing and tastes great, hot or cold! “And the scientific evidence is compelling that it both prevents and treats countless medical conditions,” says Tufts University tea … Read moreTea – Massive Health Benefits in the Bag!

Strong Immune System

Four Steps To A Strong Immune System

This article originally appeared on KathleenBarnes.com on November 10, 2009. Yes, everybody’s talking about the swine flu and whether or not we should get vaccinations or even if they’ll be available. I’m not going to go elaborate on the politics of the vaccine and the profits Big Pharma is going to make on the vaccines … Read moreFour Steps To A Strong Immune System

Natural Skin Protection

Natural skin protection under the summer sun

Now that beach vacations, gardening, outdoor sports and more summer sun activities are on most of our calendars, it’s time to consider ways to protect skin from damage. The medical profession has broadcast its message loud and clear: Too much sun exposure causes dryness, wrinkling, premature aging and can lead to skin cancers. Certain types … Read moreNatural skin protection under the summer sun