Meditation and the Ommmmm Zone

Most of us think that meditation is an esoteric practice, perhaps a spiritual practice and the province only of the enlightened. I’ve been a meditator for most of my adult life and I find it amusing that science is finally catching up with what millions of meditators know intuitively: Meditation helps us to cope with … Read moreMeditation and the Ommmmm Zone


Chlorella: The Miracle Food from the Sea

We all know how important it is to eat right and exercise to live long, healthy lives. But too often, our good intentions fall by the wayside – usually somewhere between getting through the workday, caring for the kids, cooking dinner, running errands and the thousand other things we do each week. Don’t you wish … Read moreChlorella: The Miracle Food from the Sea

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing: A Great Brain Health Strategy

We all want lifelong brain health. There is simple memory decline that my friends and I like to call “senior moments;” then there is a condition called age-related cognitive decline and finally the serious and ultimately fatal impairments like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Knowing that Alzheimer’s runs in the female line of my … Read moreBallroom Dancing: A Great Brain Health Strategy

green and clean

Get Your House Green and Clean

This is an excerpt from Kathleen Barnes’ book, Our Toxic World: A Survivor’s Guide What is it about the early parts of the year when I want to clean out clutter, sweep away old papers and cobwebs and get the house good and clean? Whatever it is, any time is a great time to have … Read moreGet Your House Green and Clean

Exercise to Beat Stress

Book Excerpt: Exercise to Beat Stress

I know. This time of year, everyone is all obsessed about exercise and trying the shed those holiday buffet pounds and all of my fellow writers are urging you to hit the gym. I look at exercise in a slightly different way: As a stress management tool. It is perhaps the most effective stress buster … Read moreBook Excerpt: Exercise to Beat Stress

breast health

Iodine and Breast Health

Right now, I have five friends with breast cancer in varying stages. One, happily, is emerging from her second round and two have rapidly growing invasive breast cancers. There are many reasons behind the breast cancer epidemic, and I’m going to throw out a major one that few of us know: Iodine shortfalls. Iodine is … Read moreIodine and Breast Health

fountain of youth hormone

DHEA – The Fountain of Youth Hormone

It’s been called the fountain of youth hormone, and despite all the hype about DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), research shows healthy DHEA levels, and maybe DHEA supplements could actually be a part of the equation to help you create a long, healthy life. We do know that the human body’s natural production of DHEA deteriorates as we … Read moreDHEA – The Fountain of Youth Hormone

toxic personal care products

Toxic Personal Care Products

This is an excerpt from Kathleen’s new book, Our Toxic World: A Survivor’s Guide Toxic exposure is inevitable unless we can learn to live without breathing, eating or interacting with any substances around us. If you’ve figured out how to do any of those, please let me know your secret! Several studies now show us … Read moreToxic Personal Care Products