Statin Drugs and Memory Loss

Statin drugs and memory loss

Statin drugs are among the most frequently used popular prescription drugs in the world, raking in sales of over $35 billion—that’s right billion—a year. For what? They purport to lower cholesterol and thereby prevent heart attacks. In fact they do lower cholesterol, but the evidence linking statins to heart attack prevention has been called into … Read more


Beer, Cancer & Alzheimers: Is Beer Really Bad?

By now, most of us have happily heard that a daily glass of wine (my favorite!) can be a big health promoter – dozens of studies have shown that the antioxidant compounds in wine (especially reds) can lower heart disease risk. But surveys show that beer is Americans’ favorite adult beverage—with 46% choosing it most … Read more


Statins: Kiss of Death?

If you listen to Big Pharma’s brainwashing campaign, statin drugs are the best thing since sliced bread. Everybody ought to pop them daily, just because…. Because WHAT? Well, Big Pharma tells us, we need to keep our cholesterol levels low so we don’t have clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes. OK. Nobody wants these, but, … Read more

Sage: A fragrant memory and immune system booster

Most of us think of sage as a savory addition to the kitchen spice rack. But now researchers say this herb’s silvery little leaf can help you stay healthy throughout your life by sharpening your memory, preventing heart disease and  strengthening your immune system. Sage has been used for centuries to treat everything from snake … Read more