More Reasons Why Sugar is Deadly, Even If You’re Skinny

So you’re thin? Your child is thin? You think a soft drink (loaded with 17 teaspoons of sugar in just 12 ounces) here and there won’t hurt? Think again. MRIs are showing that thin adults and children are accumulating lethal abdominal fat around their organs, even if it’s not visible from the outside. Research shows … Read more

Monsanto ponies up to defeat GMO labeling

by Kathleen Barnes Will I ever stop writing about Monsanto, its GMOs and other shenanigans? Probably not, at least not this week. In the latest outrage, Monsanto has written a $4.6 million check and raised pledges for millions more from interested parties, to defeat Washington state’s GMO labeling initiative on the November ballot. The Monsanto … Read more