Another warning about the dangers of sugar

I’ve written many times about the dangers of sugar and I know I’m probably preaching to the choir with many of you. However a new animal study from the University of Utah is truly frightening: It shows that female mice that consumed the equivalent of a human drinking three cans of soft drinks a day … Read more

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Balance Your Blood Sugar – Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

By Dr. Hyla Cass and Kathleen Barnes Authors of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health: A Take Charge Plan for Women This article originally appeared on this website in June of 2013. Have you been told your blood sugar level is “a little high?” Maybe you’ve even been diagnosed with diabetes. If either is the case, you need … Read more

sugar is killing us

Sugar Is Killing Us — and Our Kids, Too

Most of us think sugar adds sweetness to life, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Sugar is an artificial food that is not only addictive, it causes diabetes and weight gain. Ask anyone who “needs” that boost of a Coke at 4 p.m. or who can’t get through a day without a donut … Read more

no sugar no wheat

No Sugar, No Wheat For a Skinny Body

We’ve been having a conversation about the best possible diet on my private Facebook support group—you can join!) I’m sure there are about as many opinions on that subject as there are human beings alive. I’m not here to argue any deeply-held beliefs. In fact, I’ve learned over the years that what we eat, why … Read more


More Reasons Why Sugar is Deadly, Even If You’re Skinny

So you’re thin? Your child is thin? You think a soft drink (loaded with 17 teaspoons of sugar in just 12 ounces) here and there won’t hurt? Think again. MRIs are showing that thin adults and children are accumulating lethal abdominal fat around their organs, even if it’s not visible from the outside. Research shows … Read more

sugar death trap

The Sugar Death Trap – Sugar Kills!

I’ve written many times about the addictive nature of sugar and the health risks it creates. But did you know sugar can quite literally kill you? I have to admit, even my skeptical nature was shocked when I read a study just published in last month’s Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that solidly … Read more