Iodine and Breast Health

Right now, I have five friends with breast cancer in varying stages. One, happily, is emerging from her second round and two have rapidly growing invasive breast cancers. There are many reasons behind the breast cancer epidemic, and I’m going to throw out a major one that few of us know: Iodine shortfalls. Iodine is … Read moreIodine and Breast Health

Improve your health while you sleep!

Think melatonin is just for outsmarting jet lag? Think again! It’s only active at night, but in those hours of darkness, melatonin can provide tremendous health benefits. Recent studies suggest this hormone bolsters immune systems; keeps cells from disintegrating and May even re-set the body’s aging clock. What it is: A hormone found a naturally … Read moreImprove your health while you sleep!

Vitamin D Helps Beat January Blues

It’s that time of year. The holidays are over, the decorations packed away for another year, presents unwrapped and half of them returned. The party laughter has faded, the credit card bills are coming in and the world outside is gray and cold. So January makes you feel a little blue as the long winter … Read moreVitamin D Helps Beat January Blues

vitamin supplements and longevity

Vitamin Supplements and Longevity

Two really important studies crossed my desk recently, both showing profound advantages of vitamin supplementation in reducing markers of heart disease and in prolonging life in those at risk of heart disease. I’ve long been an advocate of supplements since we know that it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need from … Read moreVitamin Supplements and Longevity

better health

Better Health: The Upside of Recession

Americans are using more supplements and paying more careful attention to their health in this difficult economic climate, according to the April 20 issue of Time magazine. Time surmises that the economic climate and fear of illness is driving sales of vitamins and other supplements that have risen 8 percent in the past year. The … Read moreBetter Health: The Upside of Recession