Simply Sustainable: 10 Things You Can Do Now

I couldn’t let Earth Day pass without offering some simple ways each of us can contribute to the healing of the planet. I know. The enormity of the problem is often overwhelming. The starfish story It reminds me of the story of the small boy who came upon a beach littered with thousands of starfish, … Read moreSimply Sustainable: 10 Things You Can Do Now

better health

Better Health: The Upside of Recession

Americans are using more supplements and paying more careful attention to their health in this difficult economic climate, according to the April 20 issue of Time magazine. Time surmises that the economic climate and fear of illness is driving sales of vitamins and other supplements that have risen 8 percent in the past year. The … Read moreBetter Health: The Upside of Recession

Getting a Tax Refund? That’s Bad News!

If you’re getting a tax refund this year, you’ve made an interest-free loan to the government. You’ve let Uncle Sam have your money free of charge for as long as a year. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m most definitely not in the loan business, and I’m especially not interested in loaning money … Read moreGetting a Tax Refund? That’s Bad News!

protect your credit

Protect Your Credit

With all the financial craziness we’re experiencing right, there is nothing more important than to protect your credit. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 10 million of us are victims of identity theft every year and the number is rising. Criminals get your personal information in a variety of ways, including: Dumpster Diving. … Read moreProtect Your Credit