cancer nazi

Don’t be a cancer Nazi

NOTE FROM KATHLEEN: I wrote this article two and one half years ago. The friend I wrote about chose integrative therapy and did wonderfully and is alive and healthy at age 75, as is my other friend, who chose surgery, chemo and radiation. Now another close friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so I’m … Read moreDon’t be a cancer Nazi

not cancer

It’s not cancer after all…

Doctors make mistakes all the time. They’re human, after all. But when an entire medical profession and pharmaceutical establishment labels a simple condition as cancer, causing untold emotional, physical and financial harm, we have to look at the motivation. All the way back in 2012, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the once impeccable Journal … Read moreIt’s not cancer after all…

vitamin d deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency in almost all breast cancer patients

If you’re on the fence about taking vitamin D supplements here’s another nudge to get you off that fence and taking a high quality vitamin D supplement every day. Groundbreaking Indian research shows that more than 95% of breast cancer patients studied are vitamin D deficient. The study, published in the May 2012 issue of … Read moreVitamin D deficiency in almost all breast cancer patients

toxic feminine hygiene products

Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products and Some Alternatives

 Eeek! You’re Putting What? Where?? While we’re on the subject of what’s touching your body, and especially your sensitive parts, consider feminine hygiene products, my sisters. Skin is the body’s biggest organ. We have 16 to 21 square feet of skin. And it’s very absorbent. Consider the effectiveness of drugs like pain killers, nicotine withdrawal … Read moreToxic Feminine Hygiene Products and Some Alternatives

manage menopause naturally

Manage Menopause Naturally

Our mothers and grandmothers whispered the words, “The Change.” We could hear the capital letters. We could hear the dread in their voices. If we watched carefully, we could see the older women exchange knowing nods of sympathy and then quickly change the subject. “The Change” was a deep dark mystery to these women, largely … Read moreManage Menopause Naturally

contraception costs

The Pill Bill: Contraceptive Costs Include Cancer, Strokes and Fatigue

(An article Kathleen wrote for Natural Awakenings magazine) For more than 50 years, women have appreciated the freedom that birth control pills offer. They simply take a little pill every day and rest easy, fairly assured that an unplanned pregnancy won’t occur. However, there’s actually a lot not to love about “The Pill”, especially its … Read moreThe Pill Bill: Contraceptive Costs Include Cancer, Strokes and Fatigue


Join the sisterhood for a longer, better and wiser life

Make time for friends—real life ones, not the re-runs of the television show! More and more, science is proving what we woman have known forever: close friendships can help you live longer, better and wiser. In fact, some recent research suggests that building and maintaining social networks can add 30 years to your life. So … Read moreJoin the sisterhood for a longer, better and wiser life


Most of Us Need More Iron

When my friend May complained of extreme fatigue, I wasn’t surprised. She did look pale and drawn, but when you have a four-month old baby and three other children, the oldest 13, anybody would be tired and pale and drawn. Tara, May’s 13-year old daughter was complaining of fatigue, too, and I thought the teenager … Read moreMost of Us Need More Iron