Change 2015 and Beyond!

Change You Can AchieveDear Friends,

I’m turning my Newsletter and Website into a giant support group! Let’s support each other as we attempt to create positive changes in 2015, no matter what it might be.

You can join the discussion by stating your intentions below. If the changes you want to see are little more personal, please feel free to send me a direct email using the Contact Page.

Let’s help each other to not be a statistic this year! Here’s to change we can achieve!


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11 thoughts on “Change 2015 and Beyond!

  1. I hope to lose approximately 70lb and get in shape by walking 1 1/2 miles starting twice a week. I also need to work my anxiety and bipolar issues. Will have to start small and slowly and just work steadily.

  2. Love this idea!
    I really have to lighten my load. I am having some knee issues, that I know would improve if they didn’t have to tote so much around.

  3. This sounds great! My theme for the year is Be More Bold, and self care is part of that. I can’t very well be bold without a healthy body! I want to shed the pounds I gained back after losing them earlier last year. I’m doing this by cutting down on processed foods, including (sigh) breads and of course, sugar.

  4. I’ve taken awhile to determine what my resolution will be for 2015 that will be impactful rather than just a would like to accomplish wishy washy. I wanted it to be achievable and specific action.

    My resolution is before I go to bed each night to define what 3 most important things must be accomplished the next day, write them down and put on my mirror. In the morning I will review the list and see if they still hold true in the morning light. Then make sure that before I go down a multitude of paths I take care of these most important tasks/goals in whatever manner needs to be done. Some examples could be to exercise, make phone calls, complete or begin a project. By stating I will identify and accomplish these most important tasks to reach my goals of losing 8 pounds, increasing strength, improving balance and mental clarity, getting a handle on my financial situation, My first tasks is to print this declaration and post on my office wall. Wow now it is real and I am accountable.

  5. I’m with you my friends! Our trip to Italy last summer was delightful, but it re-established my addictions to bread and pasta. Sigh. I’m walking away from that with your help. Be well,

  6. I found that having an easy system and something staring me in the face helps me stay on track or even be aware. For my daily 3 must todos I created this simple form and thought to share with the group. The Excel lines didn’t come through. Ok now the procrastination of needing a form is done and the form is printed so that excuse is gone.

    3 Top TO-DO-s for Today



  7. Happy New Year, All.

    Thank you for this forum. I’m brand new here. Love all the great info.

    I declare my intention and actions so that I’ll be much healthier and happier this year.

    I will finally shed 60 lbs. of unhealthy fat by following the simple hcg plan/book and walking 30 mins on my treadmill six days per week. These actions will result in lowering cholesterol to a healthy range. I will continue my new healthy habit of not drinking any alcohol while on my new weight reduction plan. I’ll also keep up my new habit that I eliminated diet soda and replaced it with water and decaf tea, sweetened with only 2 drops of stevia.

    I will continue my new healthy sleep pattern. I will stop watching violent tv shows and movies, replacing them with those that are happy and uplifting. I will also read and/or watch something positive, motivational, and/or spiritual every day to nourish my soul.

    Finally, I commit to making new positive friends and to finding a church group that I enjoy. Also, I will do volunteer work and share with others at the Career group meetings. I will also look for ways to volunteer with animals.

    I also declare my intention to declutter and organize my living space. I will do this by sorting through my possessions, giving away what is no longer needed and keeping only things that I use and love.

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