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If you'd like to contact Kathleen, please don't hesitate to fill out the simple contact form above to send her a direct email. Kathleen receives many queries regarding health, supplements and gardening. If you have questions for Kathleen, this is a great place to ask them. You can also get in touch with Kathleen through the convenience and personal touch of her Social Media Pages. Please refer to the following links: 

In addition, you can gain direct access to Kathleen via her very active Facebook Group focusing on the changes we'd like to make in our live in 2015 and beyond. Check it out here -

Kathleen shares tons of great information about green living and wellness. Take the opportunity to check out her weekly newsletter sent out every Friday. You can sign up using the form below. Your Wellness Guide summarizes Kathleen's articles for the week. It also delves into her extensive archive of information to bring you a relevant post from the past. In addition, you'll get a dose of articles, videos, memes and more from the experts. You don't want to miss it in your inbox. Get a sample here with no obligation. Share with your friends using the convenient links in Your Wellness Guide. 

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