Eat More Salt to Restore Your Health

Eat More Salt to Restore Your Health

From Kathleen:

This is an excerpt from our  book, The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know by Kathleen Barnes and Robert Thompson, M.D. It may seem counter-intuitive to you and The Calcium Liecertainly flies in the face of what most doctors will tell you, but eating more salt may be the answer to many health problems, including high blood pressure.  And no, we’re not talking about that white stuff on the table in every restaurant, which is the nutritional equivalent of white bread. We’re talking about natural unrefined sea salt.

The invention of the refrigerator was the beginning of humankind’s modern health crisis.

In 1876, the first practical refrigerator was invented and refrigerators became commonly available by the turn of the century.

So why did this cause a health crisis for human kind?

The answer is simple: We stopped using sea or rock salt to preserve our meat and other foods. We thereby robbed our bodies of the essential minerals in that salt–minerals we need to survive and thrive. Sea salt contains perfectly balanced ionic trace minerals. And henceforth, generation after generation has experienced declining tissue mineral levels.

Medical science has flourished in the past century with advances ranging from the invention of synthetic insulin to antibiotics to CAT scans, MRIs, robotic surgery, joint replacement and many more technical advances.

These medical miracles may all have their places, but without the basic building blocks of nutrition that we need to maintain, sustain and repair our bodies, we humans are never going to find the vibrant health that should be our birthright.

At the moment, this is a squandered birthright. However, we can begin to regain our health by simple and affordable nutritional means. In the process, we can reduce, successfully treat and even eliminate some of the greatest health challenges of our time including: obesity, diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries and heart disease), hypertension, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, depression, migraines, dementia, many autoimmune diseases and many more illnesses

How? The answer is so simple it will surprise you.

All we have to do is add back minerals into our diets every day in the forms of natural sea salt or rock salt and ionic balanced trace mineral supplements. We need to add minerals to our food and use them in supplemental form. We desperately need to put trace minerals back into our bodies every day, every way we can, from now on for the rest of our lives.

We must begin immediate and specific corrections of the mineral levels that are already out of balance based on reliable scientific measurement. The best form of this measurement is by reliable HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis).

True sea salt and rock salt contain all of the minerals in the exact proportion that our bodies require (except sodium, more about that later). Quite simply, these minerals are necessary for every single body function to work: biochemical, electrical, chemical and physiological.

We don’t know about you, but we find this awe inspiring, miraculous, and perhaps one of the strongest scientific arguments for the existence of an intelligent creative force that is beyond our comprehension.

Getting back to the refrigerator, when we stopped preserving our food with naturally occurring sea salts, we became progressively deficient in some, if not all, of those essential minerals. Because a mineral “fingerprint” is passed from mother to child, each generation has become progressively more deficient in these essential minerals.

At about the same time salt was “purified,” humankind in all of its wisdom began to severely deplete the soil in which we grow our food. The introduction of chemical fertilizers actually further robbed and depleted the soil of its nutrients.

Then came the final blow: Early in the 20th century, more “scientific” advances brought us pretty white convenient table salt that was composed only of two minerals: sodium and chloride or sodium chloride. It was a fine and granular salt. It was convenient and didn’t clump in humidity like sea salt. Scientists of the time apparently considered the other 74 ionizing minerals present in rock salt and sea salt to be unnecessary, unsightly and inconvenient due to humidity causing clumping, so they were “purified” out.

The result: The first evidence of our grave error came in 1924 when we began to see iodine deficiency within our population leading to the widespread development of thyroid goiter and increasing mental retardation (enlargement of the thyroid gland and thyroid hormone deficiency and “cretinism”).

This led to the addition of another mineral to sodium chloride, as potassium iodide or iodine, and our pretty white table salt became “iodized salt.”  This should have been our first clue that many other vital nutrients were missing.  But we failed to recognize the signals. Our collective downhill slide into widespread mineral deficiency began to accelerate. Read more in The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know.

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