Disillusioned with Twitter

Sept 28, 2009 Here‘s a little rant about social networking. In recent times, you were nobody if you weren’t on Twitter. It was an essential business and personal branding tool. I am on Twitter (@KathleenSBarnes) and am approaching 2,400 followers. Not too shabby. I have some wonderful followers who post interesting stuff. But lately, I … Read moreDisillusioned with Twitter

Natural Thyroid Hormone Shortage

Unprecedented shortages of dessicated or natural thyroid hormones like Armour thyroid and Nature-Throid are causing serious problems for patients with hypothyroidism. Shortages of Armour thyroid have become fairly common in recent years, but the recent shortage of Nature-Throid indicates the pressure to take patients off the natural hormones that have been available for 100 years … Read moreNatural Thyroid Hormone Shortage

vitamin supplements and longevity

Vitamin Supplements and Longevity

Two really important studies crossed my desk recently, both showing profound advantages of vitamin supplementation in reducing markers of heart disease and in prolonging life in those at risk of heart disease. I’ve long been an advocate of supplements since we know that it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need from … Read moreVitamin Supplements and Longevity


Obesity Increase May Not Be Entirely Due to Couch Potato Society

We Americans are getting even more supersized than ever. More than one third of all adults and 16 percent of all children are obese, according to just-released government statistics. This puts 26.1 percent of the overall population at accelerated risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer because of their excess … Read moreObesity Increase May Not Be Entirely Due to Couch Potato Society

genetically modified food risks

Doctors Warn About GM Food Risks

It’s barely been a week since I wrote about the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods and now the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has released a strongly-worded warning about the health dangers associated with Frankenfoods. Calling for a moratorium on GM foods, the AAEM says these foods “pose serious health risk.” Stay away … Read moreDoctors Warn About GM Food Risks

Link between diabetes and depression

Note: This article was originally published in the e-zine 360boom Evidence is building that depression can trigger diabetes. Don’t get diabetes, it my lead to depression. Don’t get depressed, it may lead to diabetes. A study has demonstrated a relationship between type 2 diabetes and depression; not only can diabetes lead to depression, depression can … Read moreLink between diabetes and depression


Simply Sustainable: 10 Things You Can Do Now

I couldn’t let Earth Day pass without offering some simple ways each of us can contribute to the healing of the planet. I know. The enormity of the problem is often overwhelming. The starfish story It reminds me of the story of the small boy who came upon a beach littered with thousands of starfish, … Read moreSimply Sustainable: 10 Things You Can Do Now

better health

Better Health: The Upside of Recession

Americans are using more supplements and paying more careful attention to their health in this difficult economic climate, according to the April 20 issue of Time magazine. Time surmises that the economic climate and fear of illness is driving sales of vitamins and other supplements that have risen 8 percent in the past year. The … Read moreBetter Health: The Upside of Recession