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Thanks for visiting Your Wellness Guide, the website and blog of Kathleen Barnes. Kathleen has dedicated herself to her passion of providing you with helpful and valuable information on natural living and wellness. An accomplished author in her own right, she has also contributed to and published a number of books with knowledgeable doctors and authorities on various wellness topics.

As a part of her ongoing efforts to get this information into the hands of everyone it can possibly help, she publishes a weekly newsletter highlighting articles from Your Wellness Guide, as well as those from experts in the wellness and natural living space. You can see the archive right here on the site. If you’d like to subscribe to get the latest each week, you can do that by filling out the simply form below.

Additionally, you can shop the Wellness Bookstore, see book excerpts, or explore the many other topics that Kathleen champions. Don’t hesitate to comment or utilize the contact form to send Kathleen a direct email. Thanks for visiting Your Wellness Guide. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and hearing from you as well!

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About Kathleen

Kathleen Barnes is a passionate natural health advocate, author, writer and publisher who has devoted nearly 40 years to educating the public about healthy living.

She is an unusually versatile writer with experience as a journalist in print, broadcast and online media and as an author, editor and publisher with 20 books to her credit as well as coaching clients through health, career and relationship transformations for more than three decades. + Read more

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