Speed Up Your Lymph System

12 Ways to Detoxify and Speed Up Your Lymph System

This is a guest post from Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC. It was originally published on this blog in June of 2009.  Do you suffer from cellulite or fatty deposits? Do you experience aches and pains? Are you overweight? Do you experience abdominal bloating? Do you feel bloated or have areas on your body that seem … Read more

early puberty

Obesity + environmental estrogens + childhood stress = early puberty

Fact: Twenty-First Century Girls are reaching puberty at dramatically earlier ages than their mothers and grandmothers. Today, girls are commonly showing signs of puberty – budding breasts and pubic hair — before the age of 7. Those ages have been steadily decreasing for decades and they dramatically decreased even more in the 13 years between … Read more

sugar blocking toothpaste

Sugar Blocking Toothpaste. Plastic Beads in Toothpaste. Wow.

Over the holidays, I caught a commercial for Crest Sugar Shield, toothpaste. Really? Does this mean my grandkids and I can chow down on truffles, chocolate bars, cakes and pies and never suffer any negative results? Not exactly, but that’s exactly what Crest wants us to believe. There are two big problems here. I’m guessing … Read more

teflon cookware

Throw away your Teflon cookware!

  If you haven’t yet relegated your nonstick cookware to the dustbin, you now have even more reasons to do so now. Even though Teflon™ (technical name: PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene polymer) has been on the market for more than 50 years, numerous studies show that it can offgas toxic chemicals at high heats. The Environmental … Read more

cotton t-shirt

Your cotton T-shirt may be poisoning you

Excerpted from Our Toxic World: A Survivor’s Guide by Kathleen Barnes We all love our cozy cotton T-shirts, shirts, pants, underwear, towels and sheets. They feel comfy and safe. The cotton industry fosters that illusion with its “fabric of our lives” campaign, pushing the notion that this “natural “ fiber is healthy and creates happiness. … Read more