11 Ways to Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Several people have told me lately that they are having troubles sleeping. I have that problem occasionally myself. Sometimes it’s a matter of that infernal  “to-do” list cycling endlessly through your already exhausted mind. Does that stress pattern sound familiar? How about the one that goes, “I should have said/done,” re-living the day’s events over … Read more


Melatonin does more than help you sleep

Most of us have probably taken melatonin to help us sleep after a stressful day or to get sleep patterns back in sync after an international flight. Now new research shows that melatonin has other important benefits outside of its ability to regulate sleep rhythms. In fact without the brain’s ability to manufacture the hormone … Read more

Improve your health while you sleep!

Think melatonin is just for outsmarting jet lag? Think again! It’s only active at night, but in those hours of darkness, melatonin can provide tremendous health benefits. Recent studies suggest this hormone bolsters immune systems; keeps cells from disintegrating and May even re-set the body’s aging clock. What it is: A hormone found a naturally … Read more